A film is a large and complicated beast, a multifaceted, often crazy-making collection of creative problem-solving, logistics, organization and pure force of will. It is also one of the most subtly beautiful creative outlets a clan of humans can endeavor to undertake. It does not come into being in a vacuum nor by the efforts of one single person. It takes a village - a large and loving one. This is our village, the people and organizations who rallied round us to help make this delightful little piece of art a reality. To all of them we offer our sincerest thanks and gratitude.

Jane and Steve Spilatro

Daniel Stephens, Sr

Marc and Laurie Fagullar

Stoked Coffee

Washington State Community College

Laurie McKain and Marietta College

Dana Altman and North Sea Films

Corey Hart and No Coast Post & Graphics

Aksarben Cinema

Great Harvest Bread Company

Vanessa Wattier

The City of Omaha/Marietta

Jimm Wagner


Dave Osborne

Mahogany Prime

Family Fun Center

Chad Reznicek


Tony Weber

Marietta Brewing Co.

Anthony J. Ferch

Mr. Bee's Chips

Braughton Dairy

Sandra Macke

State Farm



Smitty's Pizza

The Anchor

Jamie Nicolarsen

Natalie Blair

Teresa Anaya

Rebecca & Michele Brasseur