Daniel is a cinematographer, film producer and writer who lives on the photonically blessed coast of Maine. He studied filmmaking in the early 1990’s at Loyola University (New Orleans) and the University of South Florida. Subsequently he decided that the best place to apply his storytelling skills was the booming new internet security industry that blossomed in the mid 1990’s. Eight years later Daniel realized his mistake: filmmakers should make films, not firewalls. In 2000, Daniel left the company he co-founded to pursue his passion for filmmaking.

He has served as the Director of Photography for numerous music videos, commercials, and short and feature films. He is particularly inspired by the verisimilitude of the unpredictable and feels these moments are the foundation of exceptional storytelling.

Most recently, Daniel shot the feature film Occupying Ed, directed by the incomparable Steve Balderson in lovely Wamego, Kansas. He is preparing to shoot the feature film 'The Sauce' helmed by the delightful and creatively inspired Elizabeth Spear this fall in the wilds of Austin, Texas.

One of Daniel’s previous feature films, PerfectMatch, directed by the steadfast Chad Eddy has just been released . And the delightful Tuberville web-series is currently playing online at www.TubervilleTheSeries.com.

Most recently, Daniel returned from the wilds of Norway where he was playing with reindeer while filming Elizabeth Spear's short film, 'Anfinn and the USA.'

When not somewhere else, Daniel resides on the beautifully lit coast of Maine where he is a partner in the film production companies goodfocus, llc and General Films, LLC and a member of the faculty at Maine Media Workshops.